Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” ~ Herm Albright, quoted in Reader’s Digest, June 1995

It seems there is this mainstream idea that personal growth is about positive thinking. If you think positive thoughts and focus on the good things in life, good things will happen. That’s where I draw the line because positive thinking DOES NOT work.

In this video I share why:

16 thoughts on “Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

  1. Andrea Post author

    Steven thank you so much for updating and sending me these videos.. Yes they do help me alot and give me a very good insight on many things.. and a greater understanding.. i feel though that i need to re-programm my sub conscious mind.. not sure how one goes about doing that.. it would really kind of u if u could email the details or steps on how to do it.. thank u so much once again..

  2. Steve Post author

    @ Barbee: my pleasure to be of service.

    @ Andrea: keep a look out for my next few emails. I’ll be sharing a few more puzzle pieces in the next few videos.

  3. JohnRobbins Post author

    Yes Steve, Emotions are SOOOOOO……important. The right emotion(s) can drive you, motivate you, excite you,
    Emotions can cause anticipation.
    Actually Drive, Motivation, Excitement, and Anticipation are emotions.

    And if you don’t FEEL strong feel good emotions welling up in you when you visualize and think about what you want to manifest, then you’re probably not going to be moved to respond to and act on the things you must do to manifest with patience, persistence, and gratitude.


  4. JohnRobbins Post author

    Do a search on Google for “brainwave entrainment”
    Do the search with the aim to learn.

    The manipulation of certain brainwaves can reprogram the subconscious.
    The use of brainwave entrainment usually takes about four to eight weeks to begin to change the way you think.

    You do need to reprogram your subconscious. We all do. There is much stuff in there that needs to be left behind buy putting new stuff on top of it.

    Find the brainwave entrainment that fits your needs.

    I am currently en training myself with confidence and certainty. I’m also doing subliminal work around money and abundance.

    I’m sure Steve has some great guidance for you on the re-programing subject.


  5. Steve Post author

    @ John and Andrea…

    If you just put new stuff on top of the old ways of thinking and programming then you don’t necessarily eliminate the old problems.

    What’s really important is that you reprogram your limiting beliefs by displacement… by continuing to filter out the old ways of being and acting with new ways…

  6. Nora

    Hi Steve, as receiving your new vidio I was doubting you might change your theory? and I asked myself why positive thinking doesn’t work and even tried to justify it.
    And now I should blame myself. Yes, you are totally right, there are lots of people hold possitive thinking and stay still at the same place, it is because that they don’t ‘feel’ it, just like me always doubting.
    So I really hope I could grow strong positive subconscious and belief inside.
    Really thank you Steve! and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  7. florian

    Hi,Steve,and thank you for all your efforts and things and videos you are sharing here.If in our next life we will be me-a catterpilar and you-a tree, I PROMISE I will pass by and totally ignore you!THANKS!!!

  8. tarun

    great, thanks alot STEPHEN MARTILE for doign this for free jsut so that the public can learn and understand, as well as implement whatever u say to achieve success. U are really great.

    and like the others said.

  9. John Walker

    Thank you so much, Steve. Your videos and teaching have helped me so much as I rebuild after a bad period in my life. Keep up the great work.


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