What is this site about?

This site was created to help you manifest your desires using the Power of Your Mind.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to Create a Compelling Vision
  • How to Listen to Your Intuition
  • How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Introduction – Entertain the Big Fish

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Who is Steve Martile?

steve martile
Steve Martile is quickly becoming the most sought after prosperity coach in the human potential and self-help community. He is famous for his 7-day manifestation experiment, which has helped countless people from all ages and backgrounds generate thousands of dollars in income through intention manifestation without motivation or the use of positive thinking.

Steve is an engineering consultant, blogger and prosperity coach who inspires over 10,000 people monthly on this blog. He lives in Sudbury, Canada with his lovely wife Trisha and best buddy – his pooch Chloe. 

A Little More About Me…

My coaching training is in Neuro Linguistics Programming and I also received some training from Landmark Education.

It was my training with Landmark where I naturally started coaching others (for free). As I started to help people make improvements in their lives and get results I decided I would start my own business and start charging for my coaching.

As I ran into my own limiting beliefs as a business owner I discovered 3 Hidden Truths About Money.

Over the last few months I’ve realized there was an upper limit on the number of people that I could help coaching one-on-one so I decided to start group coaching.

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My purpose is this: to remind you that you are the co-creator. You are the wizard. You are the magician. You are the painter. You are the Picasso of your life. It’s all you.


My vision is to increase human awareness and prosperity globally so others can truly enjoy the freedom of choice.


  • Paintball Jersey Fan

    May 19, 2010

    […] BoxThis is a guest post from Steve Martile, a life coach and the author of the personal-growth blog Freedom Education. Here he describes a budgeting system that actually reminds me of Elizabeth Warren’s balanced […]

  • Mike

    May 27, 2010

    About 30 years ago I picked up a book and learned about Alpha Thinking. Over the years I used its principles to relax, sleep and actually improve my productivity on the job. I have unfortunely, after marriage and five kids later, forgotten some of the steps to experiencing the Alpha state.

    Do you have or know of where I may again learn about Alpha and the routine to that level?

    Thank you