We are looking to hire a LinkedIn Lead Runner for our Agency clients 😊

Details include:

βœ…Β  Looking for someone with good writing ability (i.e. english language)
βœ…Β  Tag existing client contacts & send offers as client Network grows
βœ…Β  Respond with message replies and keep client account healthy
βœ…Β  Weekly Reporting of social metrics
βœ…Β  Pay is $16US – $20US per week, per client
βœ…Β  We start a content creator with 2-3 clients, then scale from there
βœ…Β  Pay is through PayPal or Western Union in US dollars
βœ…Β  Remote applicants totally cool

If you’re interested, please submit your information below.


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    Q2: What industry do you see yourself working in 5-10 years from now?

    Q3: Do you have capability to do minor video editing, if required?


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