19 thoughts on “How to Stay Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up

  1. Drezz

    This makes perfect sense. Ever since I started thinking in more of a positive manner; realizing that my actions are the cause of positive change, things started happening – and mostly good things.

    I was down for a really long time. I decided I had enough and it was time to turn it around – and I did it with some help. Now, I find I’m rarely down for long.

    Its nice to know that being down sometimes is normal. Sometimes you worry that you’re not going to get back up and all the work you did to stay up was a waste.

    I guess you can say its like trying to correct yourself on the road after veering off to the side a little bit.

  2. Steve Post author

    That’s a great way to put it – steering back and correcting to move back on to the right road; and the beauty of this whole process is that the more we understand it’s about the journey and not about the destination, the easier it gets :)

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  12. Shawn

    Just the right article in times of difficulty.
    I wanted to give up and settle for mediocrity because I was so discouraged. But no, that’s not happening! Instead, I’m ready to bounce back and conquer challenges ahead.

  13. Joe

    My mind speaks.
    Your title implies this article will reveal how to stay focused. Here’s the answer:
    1. It requires purpose.
    2. It requires vision.
    The HOW is missing. If I knew how to do that, I wouldn’t need to read this article. It only alludes to ‘creating a picture, getting emotionally involved, acting, and moving’. Then ‘change your ideas’. OK, HOW does one DO that? So someone wanting to know how to focus reads this article and the answer is ‘make a picture’ then ‘change’. That’s like saying, “To be happy, make sure your mind thinks about things in a positive way.” My mind says this article fits in with the 90% of web clutter. I’m looking for the rare useful stuff.
    I’m wondering if focusing is not something that you consciously do, but a component of normal intellectual function. If that’s the case, it would be nice to read an article that says, “You CAN’T consciously focus. You can only respond to external stimuli (prompts). Here’s how to set up prompts that will cause your mind to think about something of your own choice rather than randomly gravitating toward unproductive thoughts.” Then it could be followed by a proven effective step by step ‘HOW TO’ primer explaining exactly what actions would CAUSE someone to unnaturally focus on one particular thing over all other distractions.

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  15. Martina

    Going through a tough day today and I thought that I would just do a google search for inspiring articles and that is how I got to your blog. I’m just feeling so stressed and so frustrated and I know that feeling this way isn’t helping and its probably adding to my problems. I just needed to find some posts to feeling this way and to hopefully help me feel better. Thank you.

  16. Carl R. Aden, C.K.D.

    After a 50 year career as a kitchen specialist,state legislation regarding design
    licensing and the 2007 Recession forced me to close up business. It took only four years to use up my working capital,and to conclude that I’ll never go back in this business, with loss of hope and depression setting in. With a heart stent procedure I found myself promising God that if I survived that I would use my time to help the elderly and disabled. With this goal I allowed myself to innovate beyond education and experience,finding the
    world’s first automated or robtic kitchen. NEVER GIVE UP!(Like the frog in the Pelican’s throat with it’s grip on the Pelican’s neck.) With financial backers,I can help millions!

  17. marc

    i was inspired mr. steve. thank you for this article.. ive been strugling these days but not anymore after this day!
    i am about to take my professional chemical engineering exam this november 27. I hope I will able to cover the topics and pass the exam! I know I can and I will! I surely am ready to bounce back and get that rubber butt syndrome going. keep on inspiring!


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